Before the Move

  • You call our office or log on to to set up a free estimate.
  • Our office will set up an appointment with one of our moving consultants at your home or office to discuss the particulars about your move.
  • At this time, we will also provide in writing your guaranteed price for your move and the accompanying inventory sheets printed on-site for you to look at.
  • The day following the appointment, you will receive a follow-up phone call from our staff. We do this because there may have been a few questions you did not remember to ask on our initial visit.
  • We will also assist you by recommending other third-party service companies that you may need in your transition.
  • You will also receive regular follow-up calls so we can get updates on your relocation. If you decide to go with another company, we will not badger you anymore, but wish you the best.
  • When you decide to book with us, we will ask you to only sign the appropriate documents and fax them back to us.

Before Your NetMOVE Crew Is Dispatched

  • All paperwork is viewed with dispatch to make sure there are no details forgotten.
  • Our van foreman will review the notes made by the move coordinator to ensure we are well informed and prepared to make the move a success.
  • A checklist is performed to make sure our moving van is stocked with the correct amount of moving quilts, packing material, dollies, tie-down straps, tape, and other necessary supplies.
  • Equipment and trucks are checked for cleanliness and swept out daily before leaving for your home.

When Our Crew Arrives (On-Time and Ready!)

  • When we arrive, our van foreman will introduce himself and his crew.
  • At that time, he will do a brief overview of the way the day will proceed.
  • Our team will then survey the house and the foreman will create the game plan. The game plan will include:
    • Safe parking of truck
    • Pad linoleum or wood floors
    • Plastic wrap: The crew utilizes stretch-wrap over all upholstery and all furniture with doors and drawers to quickly secure and stabilize it.
    • Disassembly of bed frames, dressers with mirrors, desks, bookcases with shelves in them, etc. (Glass shelves should be packed in appropriate “mirror carton” boxes in advance.)
    • Packing: If desired, our staff will professionally pack your items, accepting 100% of the liability for the goods that we pack. (Keep in mind, packing occurs prior to the actual moving of goods. Since nobody likes surprises, please let us know in advance of the move if you are not completely done packing so we can bring out the necessary supplies.)


  1. Removal: Your items are quickly and carefully removed from your home.
  2. Stocking: Each item is expertly positioned in the truck in a pre-determined loading sequence. Our truck environments are clean and sanitized
  3. Padding: It is our policy that each furniture item be covered on all exposed sides with protective padding. We use the heaviest moving blankets available.
  4. Load Straps: Help support and secure your items within the load at many strategic points in the NetMOVE truck.
  5. Walkthrough: We walk through the house to make sure we did not leave anything behind and that all nozzles are tightly secured and fastened. We will always ask you to check every room, closet, attic, and all areas thoroughly to make sure we didn’t leave anything behind.

In Transit

  • Our professionally trained drivers carefully drive to your new location. Did you know, most damage arises during transit from the turbulence of the road? Note: all NetMOVE trucks have “air ride suspension,” which is the softest suspension a truck can have.

Unloading at Your New Home

  • The crew quickly tours your new residence, taking notes where and how your items will be placed.
  • The truck is then carefully unloaded.
  • After all items are unloaded, our foreman will walk through the home and re-arrange items exactly where you want them.

After Your Move

  • You will receive a phone call from your original move coordinator to discuss how the move went. We will also see if we can assist you in any way, depending on what your needs are at that time.
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