How long have you been in the moving business?

For 34 years, since 1978.

Do you offer free on-site estimates?

Always, and our moving consultants are fully trained to answer any questions you may have.

Are you licensed and insured for both local and long-distance moves?

Yes. We are licensed and insured for both. Our carrier #’s are as follows:
G.P.S.C. 139914 U.S.D.O.T. 831096 M.C. 386658

Do you offer guaranteed pricing?

Yes, for all of our moving services. The only requirement for a guaranteed price is that we actually see your goods. Remember, our on-site estimates are free.

How do you protect my furniture from damage?

It is our policy to pad wrap all furniture with thick clean moving quilts. We also stretch wrap (clear plastic material) all upholstered goods before they are taken out of the home. This insures no dirt, grime, greasy fingers, rain, or sweat will soil your goods.

Do you use day labor or casual help?

No, we have all full-time employees. We do not have anyone that is not a full-time employee. All our employees are experienced salaried workers, not hourly wage earners. You won’t have to worry about the clock running on local moves.

Do you offer packing services?

Yes. We offer complete or partial packing services. We also offer crating service for high-value specialty items such as marble tops, oil paintings, crystal chandeliers, pool tables, large glass table tops, etc.

Do you have your own private storage facility?

Yes. If you are unable to take immediate possession of your new residence, your belongings can be stored at our private facility. All of your goods are kept safe in our brand new storage vaults. All of our vaults are less than 2 years old. Your belongings are kept padded and wrapped until they arrive at your final destination.

What time do the men arrive?

Usually 8:00 – 8:30 a.m. (unless agreed with client to have a later start)

How are your trucks outfitted?

All of our trucks are equipped with wood floors, not steel- softer protection of hardwoods.

  • Air-ride suspension- smooth consistent ride, less furniture movement
  • Logistic tracks and straps- to tighten the load so it doesn’t shift
  • Thick moving pads, plastic-wrap, safety cones, dollies, hump straps, floor covering and tape- all the necessary items to insure safety and protection for all of your belongings
  • Lighted interior- in case delivery extends into evening hours
  • Full-time experienced crew- quality moves every time
  • All our trucks are equipped with toolkits to disassemble bed frames, tables, desks, etc..

What types of moving trucks do you have?

We have straight trucks and tractor-trailers for local and long-distance moves. All of our vehicles are newer models with wood floors and air ride suspension for smooth transport. All of our vehicles have logistic tracks to ensure your furniture is protected from movement once loaded

Do you require a deposit at the time of booking?

No. Deposits are not an industry standard. We only ask that you sign and fax back to us the estimate after we confirm dates.

When do I pay for the move?

Payment is due at the time of delivery to your new home. If you choose to pay by credit card, we ask that you call in advance so we can obtain approval.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, money orders, travelers checks, cashiers checks, Visa & Mastercard.

When will you confirm my load and delivery dates?

Usually, at the time you call in to reserve dates. You will also be notified in writing by our office within a couple of days.

Do you offer a guaranteed delivery date for long-distance moves?

Yes. Our office will make arrangements to fit your needs.

Do you offer exclusive use of your vehicle for long-distance moves?

Yes, almost always. This means you do not have to share a truck with someone else. This guarantees you a rapid delivery to your final destination. This results in less cost and stress associated with out of pocket expenses for hotel stays, eating at restaurants, and general inconvenience.

What kinds of items are not allowed on the moving truck?

Hazardous Materials – Items that are flammable, corrosive or explosive

  • Matches Gasoline Kerosene Propane Tanks
  • Fertilizer Cleaning Solvents Ammonia Paints
  • Bleach Ammunition Car Batteries Motor Oil
  • Pool Chemicals Pesticides Paint Thinner

Can I leave my clothes in dresser drawers?

Yes. Lightweight clothing such as shirts, underwear, socks, sweaters, shorts, and lingerie may be left in the drawers. Please do not fill drawers with books, sheets, table linens, or any other heavy items which can damage furniture during transport.

Are you members of any industry organizations?

Yes, we are members of the American Moving and Storage Association, the GA. Public Service Commission, and are one of only 2 movers on Atlanta Home Services Review. We have zero complaints on record.

How do I protect myself against loss or damage?

For moves within the state of Georgia: the law requires all movers to give customers the ‘valuation’ addendum prior to loading the truck.

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